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In April 2012, Bria Huber and her husband, Andrew were blessed with a baby girl. 3 months later, Andrew brought their daughter, Kenley to the emergency room after hearing her hip pop during a routine diaper change. The skeletal survey revealed multiple fractures at varying stages of healing. Police arrested Andrew on felony child abuse charges and a restraining order was placed on the innocent husband. Bria was granted custody of Kenley and began a 15 month mission to exonerate her husband and find the cause of their baby's fractures. Bria and Kenley were eventually diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and the joint instability combined with Vitamin D deficiency in utero, caused Kenley's injuries. 


In October 2013 all charges against Andrew were dismissed and the Hubers have embarked on a journey to impact change and help families struggling through misdiagnosed child abuse. Kenley is now a thriving preschooler and the Hubers have settled in The Woodlands, TX to mend their fractured family. 

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Rana Tyson and her husband Chad live in the Dallas, TX area.  Rana is a registered nurse and has worked in labor and delivery since 2002. Chad is a firefighter and paramedic and has worked in this field since 2002.  After struggling with infertility, Rana and Chad successfully had their first daughter Reagan in 2007.  With the desire to expand their family, they underwent in vitro fertilization a second time and were blessed with fraternal twin daughters- Karrington and Kambrey- in May 2010.  The twins were born 4 ½ weeks early but overall appeared to be healthy.  The parents were concerned by the fussiness of the twins and their occasional looks of discomfort- symptoms that were discussed with their pediatrician and eventually lead to a diagnosis of acid reflux.  On June 3, 2010, after being up all night with Karrington, both parents noticed that she was not moving one of her legs during a diaper change and were concerned that she had it drawn up close to her body and cried whenever the leg was touched.  Within less than an hour, Chad and Rana took Karrington in to see their regular pediatrician to have her evaluated.  After being seen by the pediatrician, Chad and Rana were directed to take Karrington to a local children’s hospital to get x-rays to rule out a possible fracture.  The x-rays showed a blurry edge on one of the bones around her ankle that was suspicious for a possible fracture.  According to protocol, child protective services was notified.  Chad, Rana and their daughter were transferred to another children’s hospital and all three daughters were eventually brought in to be evaluated per the hospital's request.  After a full skeletal survey (23 X-rays each) and head CT scans were performed on the 4 week old twins, both babies were diagnosed with having multiple fractures in the legs surrounding the knees and ankles.  It was the opinion of the doctor in charge that these fractures were from abuse (AKA- nonaccidental trauma).   All three children were removed from the custody of Chad and Rana and were placed into kinship care with family.  The children’s pediatrician worked with the parents to try to figure out the cause for the fractures and the twins were evaluated by several specialists.  Months later they were diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency rickets and a connective tissue disorder (later specified to be Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome).  This family was separated for 5 months until a judge ordered the children to be returned home to their parents on November 8, 2010.  After two more years and two appeals with the State of Texas, all allegations of abuse were dropped and Chad and Rana were cleared of all charges.  To this day, all three children are doing well and are thriving in all areas of their lives.  The scars from the false accusations and forced separation of this family will always be there as a haunting memory, but the Lord has brought about good from their nightmare experience.  Helping other families that have gone through/are going through similar situations and helping raise awareness about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and vitamin D deficiency has become a passion for Rana and has brought about a lot of healing.  Getting connected with other people that share the same vision is what the Fractured Families organization is all about.


Rebecca and Anthony have six beautiful children Zachary, Zoey, Zander, Zavier, Zeydn and Zeke. On December 21 st , 2014 Rebecca gave birth to their fifth baby, a planned home birth, in the small town of Lebanon, Missouri. When their daughter Zeydn was only weeks old, Rebecca and Anthony took her to their pediatrician because they could feel her ribs popping and cracking. The pediatrician dismissed the parent’s concerns and dubbed it as “normal infant behavior”. Just weeks after that visit, on February 24 th. 2015 Rebecca noticed that Zeydn was not using her right arm. Out of concern Rebecca took their daughter to see the next available pediatrician the very same day. After being criticized for having a homebirth, the pediatrician ordered an x-ray to rule out shoulder dystocia. After reviewing the x=ray the doctor told Rebecca “I ordered the wrong x-ray, you have to go back down”. Curious to know what was wrong with her baby she eagerly went. The doctor put in an order for a full skeletal survey and found three healing rib fractures in multiple stages of healing and a mildly displaced proximal radial fracture in her daughter’s right arm. That day their lives were torn apart. All five of their children were placed into protective custody and a no contact order was put in place keeping these concerned and loving parents from having any contact with their children. The state of Missouri sought out to prove that Anthony had abused his baby and chose to ignore the medical evidence that Rebecca and Anthony presented. Both Rebecca and Anthony were diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Rebecca with a severe vitamin D deficiency. After further evaluation, Zeydn was also diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos and Vitamin D deficiency rickets. The state chose to ignore the medical evidence and kept Rebecca and Anthony from their children for over nine months. They eventually were granted unlimited supervised visitation in their own home that they moved out of so their children could be together. The Wanosik family was reunited via trial home placement on September 30 th , 2016 and they were reunited permanently in October of 2016.


Holly and Brandon Simonton live in the Ft. Worth, TX area with their two boys, Hudson and Cooper. In December of 2020, Holly and Brandon took Hudson, who was two years old at the time, to a children’s hospital urgent care center to get a small, hard lump on his abdomen checked out. The visit for a barely visible bump, quickly turned into questioning, outright accusations and ultimately a referral to the hospital’s child abuse team. Thankfully, the Simonton family was able to quickly enlist the help of their pediatrician and avoid the non-accidental trauma workup that the child abuse team was pressuring them to do. After seeing first-hand the manipulative tactics and dishonesty involved in the process of suspected abuse, Holly began learning more about this issue and was heartbroken to read the nightmares so many other families had been put through. She felt called to speak out for these families and to help advocate for change. In 2022, Holly created the Parents Behind The Pinwheels page on Facebook as a platform for families to share their stories publicly and to raise awareness about the medical misdiagnosis of child abuse.  

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