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Have you been accused of child abuse?


Get an Attorney

Everything in your life is now evidence in the case against you. You MUST contact a competent attorney to represent you. Civil child abuse proceedings can take many months, and sometimes several years to resolve. The law surrounding your child(ren)'s rights is complicated.


If possible, contact an attorney before you leave the hospital. If funds are a barrier, be up front with the attorney. All states have provisions to help those in need of legal representation.


Collect your records

Your child's medical records are the chief piece of evidence used in these cases. We recommend that you collect all pertinent information - including labwork, imaging, and specialist reports - and deliver copies to your attorney as soon as possible.

Consult Your Attorney

We are not attorneys and cannot offer legal advice. Fractured Families is a group of 5 mothers who have personal experience with false allegations of child abuse, and we are glad to offer support. If you have questions concerning your case and any legal proceedings, please contact your attorney.


Document Everything

Keep a detailed timeline of events, starting with the moment you arrive at the hospital. Make sure to keep track of all of the medical professionals, law enforcement, and child protective workers you speak with.

Thank you for contacting us. You will hear from someone within 48 hours.

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