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About us


Fractured Families is an organization made up of five mothers whose lives were permanently altered due to allegations of child abuse. While not all of the stories are the same, we are bonded together by the stories we share.


It is our mission to work towards a better healthcare and child welfare system so that in the future, we can put an end to fractured families. We believe that when an infant is brought to the hospital with unexplained fractures, a thorough and diligent differential diagnosis should be completed.




Our vision is to end the fracturing of families resulting from an incomplete differential diagnosis at the discovery of unexplained fractures. We will accomplish this through the following avenues:

  • Educate medical professionals and the public on the differential diagnosis of child abuse.

  • Support families currently facing wrongful child abuse accusations.

  • Advocate for research and policy change that will prevent further harm to innocent families.




Fractured Families exists to protect and advocate for families falsely accused of child abuse due to unexplained fractures in their infant.

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